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Extravagance high and Melancholy low


collage (lambda print), 300×600mm

精神科医のL. ビンスワンガーは、統合失調症患者を特徴づけるものとして三つの様式*を取り上げ、人間にとって普遍的な挫折や失敗について考察した。様式の一つ ”思い上がり” についてを、登山者が岩壁で立ち往生してしまった地点として例えた上で、以下のようにビンスワンガーは語っている。「われわれが精神療法と呼ぶものは、結局のところ、病者を、(略) どういう地点で彼がのぼりすくんでしまったか、を ”見る”ことができるようにしむけていく以外のなにものでもない」


他者の苦難や困難は ”みる” くらいしか出来ないが、他者の心に限りなく近づいた想像をすることは果たしてできるのだろうか。それこそ”思い上がり”なんだろうか。

*Ludwig Binswanger. (1956). “Drei Formen missglückten Daseins -Verstiegenheit, Verschrobenheit, Manieriertheit ” Max Niemeyer Verlag / Tübingen. (L. ビンスワンガー (著),  宮本 忠雄 (監訳)・関 忠盛 (訳). (1995).「思い上がり、ひねくれ、わざとらしさ -失敗した現存在の三形態」みすず書房)

This is a film that captures the process of collaborating with a woman who is both a person with a mental illness and a psychiatric nurse, as we discuss her "things she wants to try" and bring them to life.

She tells me, an artist, that "artists are skilled at playing in society's miniature garden, but I want to break that "miniature garden." While I cannot eliminate all the oppression she experiences from her "miniature garden," I decided to explore ways to look down on her miniature garden together and play without breaking it.

The title "CRPPP" is a twist on the program "CVPPP" primarily used in the psychiatric healthcare field. It was developed as a program to intervene appropriately in violence and aggression caused by patients' symptoms while protecting their dignity and ensuring safety for both patients and healthcare providers. The original program, "CVPPP" (Comprehensive Violence Prevention and Protection Programme), has "Violence" replaced with "Repression," representing psychological repression.





"Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program 2021-2022: New Works by 6 Supporting Artists"

February 15 (Wed) - 26 (Sun), 2023

Daikanyama Hillside Forum | Tokyo, JPN

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