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I can't remember even if I try to forget


single channel video






In the famous Japanese gag cartoonist Fujio Akatsuka's masterpiece "The Genius Bakabon," Bakabon's father says the contradictory line, "I can't remember even if I try to forget".

In this video work, the phrase is thrown to various people and they are asked to tell stories related to "I can't remember even if I try to forget". After the story is told, the paper is torn into small pieces, and the torn pieces are wrapped and rolled up like cigarettes to form cigarettes. Finally, the participants are asked to smoke a cigarette that they "I can't remember even if I try to forget".

The words "I can't remember even if I try to forget" seem contradictory, yet somehow essential. I imagine that those who have experienced extraordinary disasters or wars may also have traumas that are recalled by such contradictory words. However, even in the most mundane, everyday experiences, there are events that the individual still cannot sort out his or her memories and feelings.


This work may be a time for "introspection," looking back on "things I still don't understand" in a light-hearted manner. I may not be able to put it into words well this time either.

 I sometimes roll my own cigarettes, and I feel that the time spent rolling is a time of "introspection," but when I have finished smoking, that heavy "introspection" seems to lighten like smoke and gradually disappear, which was the motivation for this work.







28 Mar - 8 Apr, 2018

Art Center Ongoing | Tokyo, JPN

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