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Wataru Koyama / Artist

I have a consistent interest in the human psyche, and my work focuses on video works on subjects such as emotions, psychopathology, and views of life and death. In my recent works, I have been exploring expressions that focus on the words and actions that emerge in the intimate relationship between the artist and the subject.

The basis of my work is largely influenced by my experiences as a shut-in during my adolescence and working in a psychiatric welfare facility. These experiences led to a deepening interest in observing and imagining states of body and mind, the process of interacting with others, and how individuals live with the oppression and norms they receive from society.

I believe that what I look for in artistic expression as I look at the human psyche is to shake the boundaries of various human values.




 1992 Born in Tokyo

 2016 BFA, Tokyo Zokei University 


Solo Exhibitions

 2023 "Snap out of it"  (Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo)

 2021 "The Heart is Beating"  (Decameron, Tokyo)

 2019 "Untouchable"  (Kitasenju BUoY, Tokyo)


 2023 "facetoface.controlnet (SITUASIAN vol.2)" (LANLANLI&ONEPIECE GALLERY, Xiamen City, China)

 2023 "Creative Thinking 1: A Modern Touch"  (Tokyo Zokei University Affiliated Art Museum, Tokyo)

 2023 "Himemoto Takeshi Contemporary Art Collection Vol. 4 Everything Everywhere All Alive"  (Susakimachikado Gallery, etc, Kochi)

 2023 "Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program 2021-2022: New Works by 6 Supporting Artists"  (Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Tokyo)

 2022 "GUMYOJI OPEN STUDIO 2022 AUTUMN"(Meiro Koizumi Studio, Kanagawa)

 2022 "WVlog:personal"(Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo)

 2022 "Sumikko CRASH☆"(MUJIN-TO Production, Tokyo)

 2021 "ALTERNATIVE KYOTO"  (Various locations in Yagi Town, Nantan City, Kyoto) 

 2020 "1GB"  (SPIRAL Hall Foyer, Tokyo)

 2018 "Escape"  (Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo)

 2016 “SUPER OPEN STUDIO 2016”  (Aihara Studio, Tokyo)

 2015 “Studio Exhibition 2015 summer "  (Satoshi Ohno Studio, Yamanashi)



 2019 "Circus, festival"  (blan Class, Kanagawa)

 2019 "Phantasma"  (blan Class, Kanagawa)

 2018 "Regional consideration to travel - Summer version inspired by Akita"  (Gojome Town, Akita)

 2018 "Spectacular inter-forest school"  Theater Commons Lab,  (SHIBAURA HOUSE, Tokyo)



 2019 "RAM PRACTICE -Thoughts on Post Documentary"  (Shibuya EURO LIVE, Tokyo)


Exhibitions Planning

 2023 "EDITION BOX Ⅱ -body of concept-"  (Geidai Art Plaza, Tokyo)

 2020 "EDITION BOX -VIDEO WORKS as MATERIAL-"  (HIGURE 17-15 cas, Tokyo)

 2019 "Display of works #2 -VIDEO EDITION BOX-"  (Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo) 

 2018 "Display of works #1 (SUPER OPEN STUDIO 2018)"  (Aihara Studio, Tokyo)


Artist in residence

 2020 "Kyoto: Re-Search in Nantan"  (Nantan City, Kyoto)



 2021-2022 "Mitsubishi Corporation ART GATE Program  2021 - 2022 / Category: Breakthrough"

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