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Last minute

2020 - 

video installation, 1min
(The 1 minute recorded video will continue until I die. Currently, there are 34 one-minute recorded videos.)





A video work in which I recorded, within a time limit of one minute, the "last words" (testament) that I wished to leave behind at that point in time, on the day I felt the need to preserve the memories and emotions of that moment. I will continue recording until I die  as my lifework.

One minute is too short and tasteless for a final message. At the end of human life, even if we want to leave all the important things behind, we cannot. Even if only one important thing could be left behind, something else important would be left out. I would like to resist a little against the dilemma of the last word.

(Some of the recorded footage has been intentionally muted, as there is content that cannot be made public while I am still alive.)

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