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Snap out of it

2020 - 2023

video installation, 16 min 37 sec

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There is a saying that "mental illness is caused by a boiling head, so cool your head with water.
Using the primitive and violent imaginative power of these words as a starting point, a mentally ill friend and I discuss "normality" (what it means to be normal). It is not a therapy, but a reincarnated form of dialogue. In the open space of the rooftop, the intimate dialogue unfolds like a coming-of-age drama.

The phrase, "Mental illness is caused by a boiling head, so cool the head with water," was used to describe the "hydrotherapy" of the prewar era. Hydrotherapy" for mental illness is now recognized as an effective treatment method with modern theories and facilities. However, history shows that it was practiced all over the world with such primitive imagination. This image of the old "hydrotherapy" also overlaps with the torturous process of "waterboarding," in which confessions and thoughts are corrected.

I found the term disconcerting, but at the sa
me time strangely persuasive. The image people have of mental illness seems to have an unconsciously violent imagination that is fundamentally based on discrimination and prejudice.

(This works is very different from the "hydrotherapy" currently practiced.)







12 - 13 Sep, 2020

Spiral Hall (SPIRAL 3F) | Tokyo, JPN

Organizer: Wacoal Art Center Co., Ltd.

Exhibition plan: SPIRAL

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