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Cloudy Heart


sound installation, (Acrylic box, urethane, PVC pipe, wood, woofer, amplifier, IPod, fog machine)
Heartbeat sound loop, D350×W350×H1400mm

アクリルボックスの中には密閉された煙が漂い、 心臓の鼓動の音圧によって曇りの中で見えない心臓が動いている。


この作品は”The Heart is Beating”(2021, video installation)と対になる作品として位置づけている。映像後半の聴診器を用いた心臓の鼓動に対して楽器を組み合わせたセッションのシーンに、展示空間に漠然と響いていた”Clowdy Heart”が緩やかとリンクし、鑑賞者が楽器のリズムと鼓動を強く意識し出す装置となる。


Inside the acrylic box, hermetically sealed smoke drifts, and the sound pressure of a beating heart causes an invisible heart to beat in the fog.


I was told that one psychiatrist sometimes uses the term "fogging. It describes the use of medication to moderately cloud the real world, which is too painful for a schizophrenic to see and feel. In contrast, they say, "sunny" refers to the state of being exposed to the bare real world without the use of medication. I interpret "clouded" to mean a state of adaptation to this rational society, but many people are not "clear" and I feel that they, including myself, live by "clouding" themselves to some degree.


This work is positioned as a counterpart to "The Heart is Beating" (2021, video installation).

In the latter half of the video, "Cloudy Heart," which had been vaguely echoing in the exhibition space, is gently linked to the scene of a session in which musical instruments are combined with a stethoscope to respond to the beating of the heart, and becomes a device that makes the viewer strongly aware of the rhythm and beating of the instruments.


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