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Cloudy Heart


sound installation, (Acrylic box, urethane, PVC pipe, wood, woofer, amplifier, IPod, fog machine)
Heartbeat sound loop, D350×W350×H1400mm

アクリルボックスの中には密閉された煙が漂い、 心臓の鼓動の音圧によって曇りの中で見えない心臓が動いている。



Inside the acrylic box, hermetically sealed smoke drifts, and the sound pressure of a beating heart causes an invisible heart to beat in the fog.


I was told that one psychiatrist sometimes uses the term "fogging. It describes the use of medication to moderately cloud the real world, which is too painful for a schizophrenic to see and feel. In contrast, they say, "sunny" refers to the state of being exposed to the bare real world without the use of medication. I interpret "clouded" to mean a state of adaptation to this rational society, but many people are not "clear" and I feel that they, including myself, live by "clouding" themselves to some degree.


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