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Phantom in Poor Cave


video installation, 08 min 58 sec

Phantom in Poor Cave





This piece of work is an experiment of finding out ghosts within the projected video image and trying to sketch them. The video was shot at ‘The Former Tunnel of Komine’, a famous place for psychic phenomena due to the rumors that it is the site where Tsutomu Miyazaki committed one of his murders.

The way of looking for ghosts was to look for some twinkling, but twinkling can be caused easily by camera shakes or simulacre phenomena, visual misinterpretation. It is similar to what we often do when we look at photos of psychic phenomena.

As I get tired of following the light, of being controlled by the light, and of being visually encroached by the light, I started to feel as if I was actually witnessing ghosts. I recalled how anceint wall paintings were drawn in the dark caves; According to one theory, cave paintings are said to have been created for pure connection with the world of mythological imagination.

This tunnel has nothing to do with the actual murder. However, due to the curiosity of those who ignore the real victims and perpetrators, the unremarkable tunnel will be reborn as a “cave of poor imagination”.

Thus, the boundary between the actuality and phantom images gets blurred by power of imagination which is based on distorted memories.

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