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Society is Community of Dream


video installation, 16 min 26 sec

Tell The Invisible








In this works, a friend with a mental illness is asked to talk about his experience with auditory hallucinations.

"He" starts talking about how he "heard an auditory hallucination from a speaker in a convenience store.

Then, a dialogue takes place between "he" and myself, with "he" and I giving shape to the images that emerge from the content of the conversation, each time using our hands to shape the clay. 


Our voices echo through the speakers in the space. However, at "his" wish, "his" figure is removed and his voice is overwritten by noisy electronic sounds. As a result, only my own words are heard in space.

As a result, only my own words echo in the space, and the viewer is forced to look into the subtitles of the video projected on the box garden in order to read "his" voice.

The installation is not a dialogue, but rather a monologue of my own. The dialogue between the "invisible he" and myself was as if I myself (the viewer) were listening to an auditory hallucination.







22 Feb - 10 Mar, 2019

Kitasenjyu BUoY 2F gallery | Tokyo, JPN

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