社会は夢の共同体 - みえないものを語る -

Society is Community of Dream - Tell The Invisible -


video installation, 16 min 26 sec

Tell The Invisible










I have asked a person with mental illness to talk about ‘the experience of seeing something invisible’, and we together give a chunk of clay a certain form based on the imagination aroused through our conversation. The dialogue between me and him goes through trial and error trying to match each other's experiences, feelings and ideas.

When this work is exhibited, a single inorganic chair and desk are installed in the space.
A sandbox covered with white sand is placed on the desk, and images are projected onto the sandbox frame from directly above.
From the monaural speakers above the sandbox, “two voices ” echo through the space. The “voice ” is actually a combination of the electronic noise and the artist's own voice, so if the viewer wants to see the“ voice ” of the noise, he or she will read the subtitles of the video on the Sandbox to see the dialogue. In addition, the projected images revolve around the dialogue between the two, and one person's hand extends in response to the dialogue, giving the clay a fluid shape that changes one after another.
In this work, the artist assumes that the experience of viewing the work is to look at the conversation between the two through the Sandbox frame, or to hear only the noise and the sound of the voice in the space without watching the Sandbox image.

This project was inspired by Sandplay Therapy, but it was originally developed as a method of dialogue and it was not for the purpose of therapy. Generally speaking, one’s hallucination or delusion is considered as something impossible for others to understand. But even if each of us bears unsharable ideas, the process of trying to share and negotiate one another may allow us to get slightly closer.

The shooting needed to be executed under the conditions proposed by this person: excluding the appearance and voice in order to prevent identification. the work only contains my own voice of chiming in. The actual shooting process left me a feeling of difficulty: difficulty of building up a relationship through anonymous others.

The conditions for his appearance were to make him anonymous so that no one could recognize him or his voice, and the other was that the only voice that appeared in the video was the back-channeling voice of myself, who communicated as if he were smug.Because of that, I felt like I was listening to auditory hallucinations.It is very sad and impressive that "he" heard an auditory hallucination from a speaker at a convenience store. I try hard to imagine that scene.

The title is an extract from another person’s talk: ‘The expression, “Society is a Community of Dream”, has put my life out of order’.







22 Feb - 10 Mar, 2019

Kitasenjyu BUoY 2F gallery | Tokyo, JPN