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More Light?


sound installation, 25 min 55 sec
Ventilation fan, light bulbs, IPod, he



A schizophrenic who says, "When I'm on medication, I'm not really me." A narration of a schizophrenic's bi-polar daily life.

A sound installation in which the visitor listens to voices through headphones while receiving light leaking from a ventilation fan in front of his eyes.


She fits in with the normal person by performing the social roles that are given to her from the outside, but searches for a place to express the energy that boils up inside, craving freedom and liberation, but the moment she acts on it, she becomes a problem. The dilemma of suppressing one's own identity and being known as an invalid because one is fully aware of the eyes of one's partner and one's doctor is blurred in the narration.

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