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Fire Dialogue (#1 - #16)


lambda print, 203×254mm (Variable size)






The motivation for this work is that I began to think about life and death as the fear of death, which cannot be seen and is vague, is spreading throughout the world in the form of a virus.

I put a cigarette in my mouth and ask you to share the light of your lit cigarette.

Cigarettes are lit when we inhale, so it is difficult to light a cigarette if our breathing motions do not match. Breathing is not something we are usually conscious of in our daily lives, but there may be moments when we are consciously aware of our own breathing, such as when we are concentrating on sports or work, or when we have a physical ailment. However, I don't think we have many opportunities to be aware of the breathing of others.

In this act of sharing the light of a cigarette, you will first be aware of your relationship to it, which is caused by the close distance between you. While I wait for you to light the cigarette with your lighter, I can observe your face, unmasked, for the first time in a long time. Then we will rub the cigarettes together and become aware of each other's breathing.

In that moment when our breaths meet and the cigarettes are lit, I feel as if I can confirm our tiny lives.

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