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Phantom Dancing with Pain


video installation, 20 min 06 sec

phantom dancing with pain.jpg

The term "ghosts in the disaster area" gradually began to be reported by the media as the years passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Anthropologists and psychotherapists explain it this way: "In every region of the world where a major disaster or war has occurred in history, many ghostly sightings have been recorded. When people suddenly lose their loved ones to absurd deaths, it is natural that the survivors are unable to accept the deaths, and those who are still alive express various uncontrollable emotions in the form of spirit projections and try to adjust to reality by letting them out. They try to adapt to the reality by letting them out".
This explanation led me to focus on the process of human body/spirit from loss to acceptance.

I asked the three performers to play a certain "ghost".
They are both me and you, the living and the dead, as "ghosts".

I heard that the phrase "wrap head around" in English means "to understand or accept something that is difficult to understand. It is impossible for those who are not involved in the situation to understand all the feelings of others. However, the "ghosts" act as a medium to circulate the minds of people who are far away from us. This work may be a ritual to try to understand the incomprehensible, to open up to the memories of each person, and to leave scars.







28 Mar - 8 Apr, 2018

Art Center Ongoing | Tokyo, JPN

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