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Long Vacation

2020 - 2021

video installation




そういえば、私が引きこもっていた時期、夜になると家の近くの川をただただ歩いては眺め、1日の終わりが迎えられずに途方に暮れた”長い休暇” を少し思い出した。


I participated in a residency program in a local area in Kyoto. Without conducting research on specific local topics, I chatted with local residents, gazed at the river in front of my place of stay, and simply spent my days. It felt as if I were evacuated, like an endless vacation with no end in sight.

At night, the bridge in front of my place of stay would illuminate with blue lights, and I would see it every day. Staring at the blue lights for a long time would remind me of the "Blue Screen of Death," which appears when a significant error occurs on computers, among other devices. The blue screen gives a sense of time standing still and also feels endless. Suddenly, I remembered an article about a study that said, "Death emits blue light."

The blue lights on the bridge wouldn't go out even after midnight, but when I noticed, they would immediately disappear. Observing it every day, it seemed like they would completely turn off around 12:06 a.m., and I felt a sense of reluctance as they disappeared. However, when the blue lights went out, I would feel relieved, thinking, "Finally, today is over."

Come to think of it, I recalled a period during my adolescence when I shut myself in, and I would just walk near the river near my house at night, gazing at it, feeling lost without the day coming to an end. It reminded me of a "long vacation."





"Alternative Kyoto"

Oct 1 (Fri) - Nov 7 (Sun), 2021

Various locations in Yagi Town, Nantan City | Kyoto, JPN

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